Oct. 2. Lynchburg, VA. Be There!

Banner created for the event

Wild, audacious single women of the South,

If you’re interested in discussing your singleness, career, horrific dates, or the appropriate amount of time spent Netflixing before interaction with humans is required, I’d love to have you come out and join me Sunday, October 2, in Lynchburg, VA. There will be food and laughs and 100% uncensored discussion.

I’m hoping to gather women from all different walks of life (shoutout to single moms, those who are doing the ‘single again’ thing, and everyone in between), so even if you can’t make it, would share this with women who might be interested?

I am excited and energized by the conversations I see developing around singleness and sexuality in the church, but there’s more work to be done. Help me do it! You can reply to this or send me a message on FB if interested. Thank you! ‪#‎bookwriting‬ ‪#‎dontwaitformarriage‬

Author: Joy Beth Smith

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