New Podcast Because My Life Isn’t Quite Hectic Enough

Here’s what you need to know: I’m a little crazy. And by a little crazy, I mean I’m living by myself for the first time and in order to fill the void of human contact, I’m writing a book (due in 4 months!). And manning a blog. And editing a website. And, as of this week, launching a podcast.

In the wake of my Washington Post article “Fat. Single. Christian.“, people went nuts. There were so, so many who found me on social media and stood with me in solidarity and bellowed (or sometimes just whispered) “me too.” But there were many who disagreed. Many who felt six months of dieting and hard work would fix me right up. Many who thought I wasn’t big enough to complain about fat discrimination and thought maybe I was just crazy and that’s why I’m still single (listen y’all, haven’t ruled that out yet).

But through all the hundreds of comments, one thing became clear: this conversation was just starting. And so now it continues on Stop, No, Weight, a weekly podcast I’ll be hosting with the wise and articulate Paul Maxwell of Desiring God (read his stuff— it’s good).

So if you want to hear about body image and the way we’re all muddling the idea of beauty and how race and sex plays into this discussion, join us. Send us your stories and questions and issues with what we’re saying. We are by no means experts, but we are trying to crack open this discussion the best way we know how– by sharing our own fears and experiences and hoping they resonate.

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It’s going to be a wild ride, y’all. Buckle up, even if it’s a tight squeeze.

Author: Joy Beth Smith

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